What We Do

Collection Advisory
Thoughtful advice on buying, selling and building private, corporate and public art collections. Sales and purchase negotiation, budget setting and aesthetic collaboration on individual pieces or entire collections.

Collection Management
Comprehensive archiving of your existing collection including professional photography, cataloguing, re-framing and repair/restoration coordination.

Managing the process from selecting artists to approving designs and coordinating installation: for private, corporate and temporary spaces.

Professional ASA (American Society of Appraisers), USPAP-compliant fine art appraisals for single pieces or an entire collection for insurance, tax or estate purposes.

Art Business Management
Expert guidance on maximizing your art gallery’s impact: developing strategic sales plans, streamlining daily operations and developing pr and marketing outreach. Advice on art fair selection, programming and coordination.

Special Projects
Ideating and implementing arts and culture initiatives for the public and private spheres.

Speaking engagements on various art-related topics to targeted groups, art fair tours and studio visits.

Branding and Partnerships
Aligning companies and ideas with artists and artwork to build brands, cultivate image and increase awareness.

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